FunKey Fried Ice Cream Roll

FunKey fried ice cream roll is different in many ways. It is created using fresh and drooling ingredients and crafted live right in-front of the customer. It doesn’t include preservatives, hence considered natural and healthy ice cream. Regarding the flavors, we have two categories. 

myICECREAM – Create your own fried ice cream roll

The first category is myICECREAM. In this category customer is able to make their own ice cream by selecting cream base, mix, topping and syrup. It is the most fun category and our customer loves to make ice cream that is enormous in size, creative in decoration and drooling to the eye. The price of myICECREAM starts from 100 and the highest price depends on the number of choices made by the customer. This category is available in few outlets.


We include the most popular and highest selling flavors in ourSIGNATURE category.  Till date we have over 20 flavors and price starts from Rs. 80 to Rs. 300. We constantly update ourSIGNATURE category and most of the flavors are available in all outlets.