FunKey Training

We are the only company in Nepal to provide Fried Ice Cream Roll training. It is an exclusive training as we include 2 to 3 students in a class and we focus not only on making fried ice cream roll but also give emphasis on proper way to operate fried ice cream roll business.  Below are the upcoming training schedule for which we are offering 15% new year discount. 

Training Fee 

  • 10 day training fee: Rs. 20,000 person
  • After 15% discount: Rs. 17,000 per person

If two/three person comes in a group, then 20% discount is provided per person

Upcoming training schedule

Training SessionStarting DateEnding DateTime
4th Session2 Baishak 207812 Baishak 207811am to 1pm
5th Session13 Baishak 207823 Baishak 207811am to 1pm
6th Session24 Baishak 20784 Jestha 207811am to 1pm
upcoming training schedule

Training Course Content

  1. Introduction to Fried Ice Cream Roll and FunKey
  2. Introduction to machine and ingredients
  3. Process to make cream
  4. Process to make flavors
  5. Proper use of spatula and defrost pedal
  6. Mixing techniques
  7. Ice cream roll techniques
  8. Fried Ice Cream Roll serving and decoration
  9. Kitchen hygiene and safety standard
  10. Customer service and retention
  11. Fundamentals of Fried Ice Cream Roll business management

Course materials and training completion certificate will be provided at the end of each session. For reservation, please contact at +9779849955501 or visit our office if you require more information